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Defending uber

My husband and I both drive for Uber. He is a rideshare driver and does it as a side job, and I do Uber  eats food deliveries.
My dad called trying to get us to stop, because he saw on the news that Uber doesn’t reimburse drivers for gas.
I had to go back and explain everything. Your gas is a tax deduction. You are reimburses at the IRS rate of either 52 or 54 cents a mile. (Not sure exactly what it is now).
I dislike the criticism of the gig economy. Uber isn’t the only one that gets criticized for the business model, there is a gig economy for just about every kind of service out there.
Nothing compares to the flexibility. You can work the minimum (one delivery per month) or you can work all the time and make a killing. There is no boss telling you to clock in or when, and there is no boss telling you you can only work a certain amount and make a very amount. Here in my home city, both Uber and Uber Eats are always busy no matter what time of day it is.
Even someone who is bad at ma…

Jayme Closs found alive

I personally hope that we as a society are done saying, “If the child is not found within 48 hours, then he/she is probably dead”.
There have been too many instances of missing kids turning up alive months and years later. Our kids are outsmarting these assholes, and the general public is not believing anymore that they should be written off as dead within a few days. No one should ever give up on any missing child, ever.

Secondary PTSD- no fun

The recent news story from Hacienda Healthcare in Arizona has massively triggered my secondary PTSD. Secondary PTSD is vicarious trauma, and I developed it after working with abused children. I’ve been doing pretty good lately, but a couple nights after I first heard that story, I was involuntarily visualizing the situation right as I was trying to go to bed. I couldn’t close my eyes, because if I did, I would almost literally see someone raping a disabled woman in my mind’s eye. The “spaghetti legs” anxiety feeling came back. My mom tried to ease my anxiety by assuring me that they are going to catch the guy.
PTSD and anxiety are no walk in the park. It’s easy to say, don’t watch the news, but in this world we live in, information is everywhere. We can’t be in bubbles.

Lucky Cartreuse Paper

I use my lucky chartreuse paper for everything that I have to write that has any importance. The color chartreuse makes my mind more clear, and I don’t know why. It’s listed on amazon for $15, but I usually get it at office max for $11. Today at Walmart, it was on clearance for only $3.79. I sure hope this doesn’t mean they will stop making it, although I’ve never seen it at Walmart before. I bought all 7 packs of chartreuse that were available. These should last me a couple of years. I’m just really hoping it doesn’t get discontinued. I make more proficient lists on this paper, and I’m not kidding.